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Mass General Awareness Trip to talk about barriers which POC experience securing services for loved ones with Ds

Wednesday, May 25, 2022
7:00 pm8:30 pm

On May 25th, we’ll be having a conversation about experiences caregivers of African American/Black people with Down syndrome have when accessing care for their loved ones. This session will be led by Albert Pless, Jr, from the Massachusetts General Hospital Down Syndrome Program, a group that has been interviewing parents, caregivers and doctors across the United States.

During the event we’ll also do a cookie decorating activity, a kit for the whole family to use will be sent to your house ahead of time! Additionally, you’ll get a free code to use DSC2U, an online personalized healthcare plan for people with Down syndrome - $49 value!

What you will learn by participating:

From caregivers about barriers that Black/African American and Spanish Speaking caregivers face when accessing care for their loved ones with Down syndrome
About strategies that Down Syndrome organizations can to support Black/African American and Spanish speaking caregivers
From primary care physicians about strategies and observations that support caregivers and their loved ones with Down Syndrome in the healthcare setting
What you get for attending:

A cookie decorating kit that will be sent to your home
A free code to use DSC2U
An opportunity to share ideas and get feedbac

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