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Our program has gone virtual!

To ensure the well-being of our members, and we decided to move our program to virtual only until further notice. So, the fun continues!!! Join our group every Wednesday at 6:00 with Scott and our fantastic program coordinator and self-advocate Adrian. See below for a description of our previous in-person program.

See you Zoom! 


In a partnership with Art-Stream, DSNMC is offering a “social club” for middle school students (ages 11-14). The “social club” will consist of 8 one hour meetings; with each week focusing on a different social topic. The program is designed in partnership with Art-Stream to teach, support and empower our middle school students with Down syndrome.  We seek to increase self-esteem, social competence and communication skills through a wide variety of theater based teaching modules.  Space is limited to 12 participants.

Following are topics for each week's one hour session.

1. YOU do You: getting comfortable with ourselves

2. Making healthy friendships

3. Maintaining healthy friendships

4. Social events and how to navigate them

5. Communicating effectively

6. Self-esteem: positive self-talk

7. When things go wrong: coping skills

8. Being our best selves

Registration is $125.00; with scholarships available. No student will be turned away due to the inability to pay. 




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