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Angie Merida


Angie is very passionate about diversity and inclusivity for all. She could not be more thrilled to join the DSNMC community to help promote the need for diversity and inclusion through advocacy and personalized support.  

As a first-generation latina, Angie has received an Associate of Arts in general studies in social science, administration, and health area of concentration. Currently she is pursuing her dual degree bachelors in Psychology and Animal Science from the University of Maryland, College Park. Angie believes highly in using animal interactions and outdoor activities to improve mental health. She actively seeks roles in which she can aid individuals in finding similar or other outlets to reduce poor mental health and achieve their full potential. She is especially determined to help individuals with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities as a peer mentor, through programs like TerpsEXCEED; guiding them towards becoming a successful, healthy, and independent individual. Through being a mentor to students with intellectual disabilities and a support staff to Montgomery County Recreation Youth Development programs, she demonstrates her dedication in directing individuals to new experiences and helping others receive access to recreational and social programs, academic and social support. Angie aspires to grow her expertise and support others within the DSNMC community as she expands her current roles.  

Angie spends her free time running, practicing photography, baking or cooking but will also indulge in watching movies and TV series.

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