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Hari Kannan

Board Member

Hari Kannan is a 20-year-old young man from North Potomac, Montgomery County. Hari was born with Down syndrome. He was included during his school years in his neighborhood schools. He attended Wootton High School and graduated in the Spring of 2020. He is part of the first cohort of class in the TerpsEXCEED program at University of Maryland.

He enjoys living in the dorm at UMD and loves socializing with friends, attending games, and being part of clubs. He is working hard at the courses along with other UMD students. He is interested in becoming a personal coach/trainer, so he is taking classes focused on community health and nutrition. He is an intern at the UMD Health Center and is enjoying his job. Hari is attending the Think College Advocacy program in the spring 2022. He is hoping to learn about advocating for post-secondary education options for students with developmental disabilities. Hari is also a state ambassador for Best Maryland. Hari is a passionate advocate for inclusion of people with disabilities in our schools and community.

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