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Isabel van Isschot

Board Member

Isabel arrived in the US in 1991. Originally from the Canary Islands, Spain, she grew up in Ecuador. She has three daughters: Camila (32), Juana (28), and Manuela (25). Juana was born with Down syndrome. Isabel joined the DSNMC listserv right after Juana was born and has volunteered as a Spanish translator for the network for the past 2 years. She is currently serving as the board secretary.

Concerned about migrant social justice, Isabel has worked in non-profit organizations for over 30 years. She first taught French as a second language to Central American refugees in Montreal, and ran a language service program at La Clínica del Pueblo, a community health clinic in DC. She is currently working as a freelance translator and self-directing her daughter Juana.

Isabel remains concerned about issues of access to services for Latino migrants, especially those families of children with special needs. She enjoys attending the DSNMC Latino Group meetings and sharing her daily experiences at home, school, and other settings with other Latino parents.

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